Discus Fish Business on Sale and Export

large aquarium setup to mass breedDiscus fish breeding business is actually a lucrative pastime that could turn in a mega export and sale business. Due to popular demand coming from different countries especially United States which has a loyal fan base of discus fish hobbyist, this has created opportunities to earn extra income for those people who has extra young fish fry to spare.

Discus fish related business is always further expanding and it is considered one of the popular ventures that have huge potential. Sale coming from the young fry or adult pair can actually generate enough income that can be used to support maintenance of existing breeding facility and extra money can put in to expand it further. And because certain discus strain like the golden sunrise, leopard snake skin and checkerboard pigeon can fetch commanding price, this has created a rush among hobbyist to populate and breed the fish and cash in on the golden rush.

A person who has intention to move towards this direction will always have several options. They can actually setup a farm with high-end facility so that an efficient use of resources can be maximized. Certain discus fish breeders have even created an online profile to establish their market presence and participated in exhibition and trade fair to showcase their latest offering. Similar like any other business, exporters will always find themselves exposed to different kinds of risk associated with shipping the fish to other locations. In order to ensure that discus arrive safely on the receiving end, a proper quality control procedure must be put in place to select only the healthiest stock before they are sent for shipment.

Usually conditioning period of 4 days is the minimum amount of time required for the quarantine process so that any disease breakout can be eliminated. If proper procedures are followed, there won’t be much problem at all. Hopefully this can serve as a useful guide for all the discus fish wannabe who intend to make some profit out of their fledgling hobby.


2 Responses to Discus Fish Business on Sale and Export

  1. […] Nebula, better known as Calico – Combination of yellow and white shades on its body. Believed to be a cross-bred fish between the albino and the yellow type discus. Not the kind that really commands high price in the sale and export market. […]

  2. […] water filter that removes chlorine, harmful chemicals is just more than enough to ensure that the water is suitable for your discus […]

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