Discus Fish Business on Sale and Export

January 10, 2010

large aquarium setup to mass breedDiscus fish breeding business is actually a lucrative pastime that could turn in a mega export and sale business. Due to popular demand coming from different countries especially United States which has a loyal fan base of discus fish hobbyist, this has created opportunities to earn extra income for those people who has extra young fish fry to spare.

Discus fish related business is always further expanding and it is considered one of the popular ventures that have huge potential. Sale coming from the young fry or adult pair can actually generate enough income that can be used to support maintenance of existing breeding facility and extra money can put in to expand it further. And because certain discus strain like the golden sunrise, leopard snake skin and checkerboard pigeon can fetch commanding price, this has created a rush among hobbyist to populate and breed the fish and cash in on the golden rush.

A person who has intention to move towards this direction will always have several options. They can actually setup a farm with high-end facility so that an efficient use of resources can be maximized. Certain discus fish breeders have even created an online profile to establish their market presence and participated in exhibition and trade fair to showcase their latest offering. Similar like any other business, exporters will always find themselves exposed to different kinds of risk associated with shipping the fish to other locations. In order to ensure that discus arrive safely on the receiving end, a proper quality control procedure must be put in place to select only the healthiest stock before they are sent for shipment.

Usually conditioning period of 4 days is the minimum amount of time required for the quarantine process so that any disease breakout can be eliminated. If proper procedures are followed, there won’t be much problem at all. Hopefully this can serve as a useful guide for all the discus fish wannabe who intend to make some profit out of their fledgling hobby.


How to ensure Discus will pair up and breed

October 31, 2009

In order to successfully ensure that your discus fish produce next generation of fry, first you must ensure that you obtain a breeding pair. Gender of the discus fish can be difficult to determine and basically getting a right pair is often a mix and trial process which is done by having at least five or more of the fish together in the same tank. If possible, you can also try by having multiple discus variety so that there are high chances for you to obtain a cross and mixed breed. My advice on this process is that do not try to force them together to pair up because these things must occur naturally and you really can’t predict the outcome.

Once you have successfully obtain your right breeding pair and they are ready to mate, you should start transferring the rest of the fish to another aquarium. This is to avoid having undesired aggressive action, which could result in the other fish getting injured because your breeding pair will try to protect a spawning spot it has chosen. This includes the pleco catfish, which you put in earlier to play a role to clean up the tank. Fish breeders normally put an inverted flower pot while others that I know will just leave a barren spot for the breeding pair either way, both methods are still considered good enough.

During this critical period before the female start to lay eggs, it is imperative that the water conditions should be clean and water parameters tightly controlled in order to avoid undesirable effect such as ammonia or nitrite buildup. Waste in the tank should be immediately removed and try to conduct partial water change once every 2 days. Water temperature should also be maintained close the 88 degrees Fahrenheit level and if you do not mind investing some money on water test kits that would be the best option. Remember, you can’t risk having an unhealthy fish or else your effort will go to waste. (Learn about ideal tank condition for discus care)

On the nutrition side, your discus fish should be supplied with fresh live foods and in order to avoid introducing unwanted disease which you affect the breeding process, only source your supply from reputable suppliers. There are even some commercially prepared fish flakes which are tailor-made specially for discus breeding pair and if you managed to grab hold of these, it would definitely help to stimulate and ensure they will spawn.

How to find out discus fish is male or female

October 25, 2009

Trying to determine the gender of your discus fish can often be tricky but if you know how, it should be easy. Most novice fishkeeper will have a hard time trying to figure out which one is male or female but if you observe carefully you will notice that there’s a difference. The article here will share with you the knowledge to identify correctly and collect the best pair for mating.

Before I start, I would like to stress that there is no surefire method but if you follow close observation, there’s a high chance you might be correct. The first and foremost thing to look at is the anal fish. The fins are located right or close to the fish waste discharge point, so you should not miss them. Determine whether the shape of the fin is round or pointy. For the male, usually the length is longer due to extended growth while for the female it is rather short and it ends in a round shape.

Next trait, which you can use for your observation, is the color and marking pattern on your discus fish. If you have a batch of fish which are all blue diamond, pigeon from the same variant, then it’s possible to use this to determine the gender. Usually what you can notice is that the female will have more striking coloration while the male fish color tends to look off. In terms of pattern arrangement, the pattern is better well formed so you should be able to distinguish this clearly.

Finally, if everything else fails and doesn’t offer any significant trait to determine the gender, the best bet is to use the size as a guide. Male discus fish should be larger while the female is smaller. However, this may not be accurate as sometimes the opposition can occur due to external factors that play a major role such as diet and living condition.

If you can’t accurately find out whether it is male or female, well, I would say you just have to wait until they start to pair off and mating partner. Egg layer should be the female and paired up discus fish will live together until they die or separated.