Important Factor towards Discus Fish Success

August 14, 2010

A fine and healthy discus fish specimenI always believe that food is the most important factor that ensures discus fish success. While water quality is as critical so as to keep them alive but sometimes your fish might not be that fussy after all. Usually if you have money and cash to spend, investing towards getting a proper high end water filter that removes chlorine, harmful chemicals is just more than enough to ensure that the water is suitable for your discus pet.

Using homemade fish food is perhaps the best idea and not many people realize that the common approach towards successful discus fish keeping lies in the type of ingredient selection to be used in the food mixture. Let me reveal some of those things which I normally are very particular about to give them the best nutrition. Basically to prepare the discus food you just need some of the basic ingredients which you normally find available in your kitchen.

Ox heart and beef are the main filler for the food mixture. Usually I buy it fresh, grind everything using a grinder and remove the veins so that your fish will digest it properly. In order to make sure that you discus get the minerals as well, what I do is to add mussels into it. Mussels are very rich in trace elements and what I notice is that feeding it to your fish will enhance the natural colors.

Make sure those ingredients are blended proper and mixed evenly. Now I know that discus fish will not readily gobble up cucumbers but if we mix it for them, there’s no choice for the fish to choose but to accept them. Thus after the ox heart, beef and mussels are properly mixed, add in few slices of cucumber. Press some of the juice out so that the food is enriched with the cucumber juice.

After their meal is prepared, comes the feeding part. Discus is very enthusiastic about what you give to them. That is why with that enthusiasm, you can make use of it to get them to eat the best meal that you can prepare and this is the main advantage for you to make use towards your discus fish success. Try not to give them anything before the main meal course and avoid giving tubifex worms prior to feeding them. Once the food is dropped into the water and they have finished eating, give yourself about two hours before you start changing the aquarium water. You should do it without fail or the leftover food will foul the water.

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Best Diet to feed your Discus Fish

October 25, 2009

It's feeding time for your fishDaily feed for your discus should contain different and varied types of food source to ensure best growth and proper color development. Depending on where you live, searching for constant supply of clean feed such as bloodworms is very important. Avoid getting supply of food that is bred in contaminated water because that will cause your fish to be sick and infected with unwanted aquarium disease. I’ve known some serious breeders who actually keep and cultivate their own supply of bloodworm so that they don’t run out of food for their fish.

Other than bloodworms, you can also consider mosquito larva and daphnia to be part of the diet schedule. Your discus will love them but the only problem with that is about getting enough supply to feed all your fish. Usually what you can do is that if you have ponds nearby where you live, you can easily source and collect it everyday. If not, you can also create an artificial culture tank outside your garden so that you can collect the food. However, be forewarned about the dangers lurking because cultivating mosquito larva means you are potentially exposing yourself to mosquito bite and without constant maintenance, it could instead turn into pest breeding ground.

Besides the list that I’ve mentioned, spirulina supplement is also perfect if you have intention to breed champion discus fish. Spirulina can be found by purchasing in boxes sold in aquarium pet stores in powder or flake form. When fed to your pets, the fish will exhibit bright coloration and prolonged use can greatly enhance the alertness and overall activity of the fish. Another form of Spirulina is sold together as addition mixed into some fish pellets and I would recommend getting this kind of food as it can be easily ingested.

Finally, with all the rich food that you put into the tank, make sure that the water stays clean all the time. If this is not followed through with proper water change and filter washing, benefits of having the right food will just go to waste.

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